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A. Predictive Maintenance Management

We provide well-structured predictive maintenance programs through thermographic inspections as well as camera supply and training. This entails;

  • Assessment of predictive electrical/mechanical breakdown.
  • Detection

Infrared scans of Electrical power systems;

When is a thermographic scan needed?

While all properties can benefit from a thermographic scan, those with high power consumption, multiple branch circuits and distribution subsystems, or heavy equipment have the greatest need.

Examples of infrared scans

  1. New components can be defective

This 20-amp circuit breaker has a loose wire screw. The loose connection has increased resistance causing it to get hot. Our high-resolution imager clearly shows the hottest area of the wire is by the screw head.

This breaker panel shows several connections generating heat. These problems may be caused by loose wires, corroded connections or excessive current draw. An infrared electrical inspection can minimize injury, liability, damage, catastrophic failures and downtime


First Image: Defective Knuckles on disconnect switch overheating. Second Image: Defective fuse clip will cause circuit failure

  1. Electrical Commissioning

The electrical distribution system is the foundation for every other system in a commercial building. An electrical system failure will cause communication, fire safety, security and other mechanical systems to fail as well.  A study on losses associated with electrical failure showed that over 50% of the 766 losses were caused by inadequate maintenance and testing.

The image on above shows a severely overheated connection, it will eventually fail.

These supply cables in the above thermogram are hot at the connection where they attach to the buss bar. The lower portion of the centre vertical buss bar appears hot because it is wrapped in electrical tape which increases the emissivity of the bare copper making it possible to see the heat generated by the loose connections.  

B. Training

We offer tailor-made training programs to empower our clients with optimal usage and knowledge of thermography. Our team are ITC Certified Level III Thermographers who applies dynamic techniques to deliver stimulating, effective, and relevant instruction. Our courses integrate theory, practice, and case studies designed to maximize understanding and learning of thermography. .

Mechanical inspections with IR

This helps diagnose problems in industrial mechanical equipment providing an overview of inspecting mechanical equipment, safely and effectively, including conditions needed, typical patterns detected, limitations of the technology and how to prioritize findings.

Attendees learn inspection techniques based on accepted industry and international inspection procedures

C. Camera Supply

We have partnered with pioneers of the industry to supply the East African market with a wide-range of the best, high-resolution quality cameras.

D. After-sale Support

We offer technical support in form of training on the use of the product, updates for software, scheduled maintenance or provisions of materials or parts, repair and servicing, , or warranties for replacement in case of damage or defects. We assist our customer in using a product correctly and ensure customer satisfaction.

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